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5 More Fun Pet-Themed Casual Games

Rate this Article If our previous list of pet-themed casual games wasn’t enough for you then look no further because we’ve compiled together five more top notch pet-themed casual game that we feel will certainly be worth your while. Pets Vale - 5 More Fun Pet-Themed Casual Games

1: Jewel Pets Match

Jewel Pets Match is a highly captivating match-3 game that offers all the delightful gameplay elements that the match-3 genre is known for but, in this particular game, these come with an exciting pet themed twist as far as the theme is concerned. The expertly designed pet theme, along with the top tier gameplay that these games have always been renowned for, makes for a gameplay experience that makes Jewel Pets Match a game that should definitely be on your radar.

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2: Pet Crush

Pet Crush is yet another match-3 game that doesn’t cease to impress at all because it executes the fundamentals of the match-3 genre with perfection and presents them in an immersive pet themed setting. The game offers top notch visuals, expertly crafted levels and several different kinds of power-ups that players can utilize during the more challenging levels to get assistance. Overall, this is definitely a full-fledged match-3 game that delivers on all fronts.

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3: Plushy Animals

Plushy Animals is a connect-3 game so, unlike traditional match-3 games, you’ll be clicking and dragging across pets that are already placed adjacent to one another to connect at least three or more together. This is a pretty straightforward but highly addicting game and it’s definitely recommended that you attempt to connect four or more pets in each turn as this will give you a point multiplier that’s certain to aid your score by a tremendous amount.

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4: Tabby Island

Tabby Island is yet another pet themed connect-3 game that, much like the aforementioned Plushy Animals, offers an experience that you won’t be able to get enough of. The gameplay revolves around removing the tabby cats from the playing field and you can do so by matching them together. Each level in the game has an objective that you have to complete and, upon completion of each objective, you’ll be allowed to move onto the next level. The pet-themed visuals are also nothing short of delightful and make for a great experience.

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5: Bubble Shooter Pet Match

Bubble Shooter Pet Match is an awesome game that offers the same exceptional gameplay that you’re probably accustomed to if you have prior experience with bubble shooter games but, in this case, this gameplay has been combined with a creative pet theme to enhance the experience even further. The overall gameplay experience definitely doesn’t leave much to be desired and this is why we recommend trying Bubble Shooter Pet Match out.

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All said and done, each of the aforementioned games is a treat to play and you should definitely check them out if you’re looking for top notch pet-themed games to get lost in.

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