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Facebook Arcade 3D Match 3
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Combine together three or more birds in this unique twist on the traditional match 3 concept.

Choose from a variety of different boosts to give you the push you need to complete a level.

Compare scores with your friends to see which one of you has the best reflexes and awareness.

There have been many different takes on the match 3 concept. Some games require you to move around one object to complete rows of three. Some games require you to find the already completed rows of three or more objects. Fluffy Birds Flash is a step above all of these though and takes a new twist on the regular match 3 concept which might seem like a big risk but it all pays off in the end thanks to the unique kind of gameplay elements produced in the game.

The gameplay of Fluffy Birds Flash is unlike any other match 3 game, this game requires you to actually move around entire rows of birds until you can get a match of 3 or more. Instead of moving just one object, you’re basically moving an entire row which leads to much more dynamic gameplay such as multiple different matches on the same turn. This new gameplay formula makes sure that Fluffy Birds Flash feels like a new and fresh game and not some match 3 copy.

Aside from the core gameplay of the game, there are lots of other things that add to the experience of the game. There are six different kinds of boosts, each boost has a unique effect of its own and can really help you clear some of the more difficult levels where the given amount of time just isn’t enough to accomplish the given goal. These boosts can be acquired by playing multiple levels in a row or by returning daily to play the game.

To add onto all this, Fluffy Birds Flash also has a small competitive side to it in the form of weekly tournaments. Every week there’s a big tournament held where any player can participate and in this tournament players basically have to align the rows of birds as fast as they can to earn a lot of points. As expected, the player with the most points by the end of it wins the entire tournament and is given a lot of prizes which can be in the form of boosts or eggs, eggs are the currency of the game.

As for cash shop content, Fluffy Birds Flash allows you to buy a fair bit of content by paying for it with real money. Basically all things in the game are bought through the in-game currency which is in the form of eggs and you’re allowed to buy eggs with real money which means you can ultimately buy all the boosts in the game by paying for them with real world cash. Fortunately however, eggs can easily be earned through tournaments or by just playing the game so non paying players won’t feel like they’re at a disadvantage.

Fluffy Birds Flash is a unique match 3 game that feels like a nice change of pace from other traditional match 3 casual games. Fluffy Birds Flash Résumé