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Virtual 2D PetText-based Facebook
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Adopt a pet, or grow one from an egg in your hatchery.

Research species and grow your pet encyclopedia.

Put your pets up for sale in return for in-game cash.

In a nutshell, Ovipets is a text-based virtual pet simulator that puts you in a world of pets that are endemic to the game’s universe. There are a lot of species in here, and you will not find any of them in the real world. Your imagination’s the only limit to what your pet will look like, and how they will act, etc.

First things first, however; your first step when playing the game is to have a pet. Ideally, you’d grow one from an egg. At the start, you don’t have any eggs and the only way you can get one is to adopt a fully grown pet from the Center. Adopting is easy - all you have to do is to look at each pet’s profile, find the one that you like, and click on the Adopt button from its profile.

Voila! You have your first pet.

There are many things that you can do with your pet. First, you have to feed it. This is the most basic requirement. If you don’t feed your pet, just like in real life, it will die. You can tell whether you’d need to feed your pet by looking at its Food gauge. When it gets too low, like less than 50%, you should feed it right away if you don’t want to get it killed.

All of these information is available from your Home Page.

It’s sad to see your pet die, but if you have enough credits, you can actually resurrect your pet. Bringing them back from death will let them retain the statistics that you have already achieved in taking care of that particular furball.

Another activity that you can do in Ovipets is to research species. Researching species will make them available for you to breed, and grow through your hatchery. It takes credits in order to research one particular specie of the in-world pets, and takes around 24 hours to complete.

If you’re breeding pets, you can put up the pets that you have sired up for sale. You can simply put the bid price, and wait for somebody to give you the best offer for your pet or pets.

You could also trade pets with your friends! Simply go to the your friend’s profile, look at his pets, and make a trade offer from the pet profile that you are interested in. Your friend will then have to approve your request to swap pets with him.

You can adopt more than one pet, but you’ll have to wait for a bit. You’re limited to only one pet for every 10 minutes. In addition, the Pet Adoption Center’s roster can all be adopted in just a short amount of time due to the number of players in the game’s community.

Ovipets is free to play on Facebook, so give it a try now. OviPets Summary

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