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गेम्स लाइक Fishdom

सबसे खेल की तरह खेला Fishdom
Play Fishdom an unbelievably cute match 3 game set in the wonderful underwater world. Earn coins in fun games and build your very own special aquariums.

Match the sea related creatures together to clear gold squares.

Earn coins for each level as well as bonuses.

Buy fish and special items for your very own aquarium.
Sims 3

Sims 3

- मुल्यांकन
Chicken Smoothie

Chicken Smoothie

8,7 मुल्यांकन Play Chicken Smoothie and adopt your own cute pets! Join a huge community of players and enjoy your free cute animals.

Adopt pets for free and watch them grow.

Trade your pets with other players.

Create your own artwork and share on the forums.
Happy Zoo

Happy Zoo

1 मुल्यांकन Build animal enclosures full of cute creatures.

Decorate your zoo and build refreshment booths.

Feed your animals and make sure they are well looked after.
Bella Sara

Bella Sara

3 मुल्यांकन Play Bella Sara Adventures, where you can travel the magical world and help the horses. Build your own cottage and fill it with your own treasures.

Adventure with fantastic horses, and special magical horses in this amazing world.

Collect cards as you travel the lands based on the Bella Sara books.

Decorate your own cottage with fantastic furniture and special items.
Sims Social

Sims Social

10 मुल्यांकन The fun of The Sims has arrived on Facebook!

Create your very own Sim and live out their dreams with one of the most popular games on Facebook!

Stir up trouble in Littlehaven with unique personality traits. Develop relationships. Date... or cheat! Get a dream job and build the perfect house. Check in often. There's so much to do!

Create unique Sims and live out their dreams, stir up trouble, develop relationships, befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray.

So play with life - and with your real friends, too. Enjoy The Sims Social on Facebook for free!
Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom

Gourmania 3

- मुल्यांकन Run your restaurant by finding the hidden foods and ingredients.

Complete customer orders and get paid.

Use your money to build your own zoo.
Safari Escape

Safari Escape

- मुल्यांकन Safari Escape is a free block removing game played on Facebook, your aim is to rescue the animals on top of the blocks.

Remove 3 or more blocks to bring the animals down.

Use boosters to score points or blow up loads of blocks.

Play with your friends and share special items.
Farm Up

Farm Up

10 मुल्यांकन Manage your own farm and turn a run down building into a fabulous place all of your own. Grow crops, manage animals and sell your products all over the country in a free new game.

Grow plants for quests and then sell them for large amounts of money.

Build your dream farm with decorative items and upgrades to your buildings.

Enjoy beautiful graphics and simple gameplay.


9,5 मुल्यांकन Ever seen a Rooshoo? How about a Boffalax? In SkyTopia, you will rescue and breed amazing new creatures and give them fascinating homes.

Create a beautiful nature preserve for them to thrive in. Attach new islands to your home island and explore them to find new creatures, treasures, and more!

Rescue as many islands as you can from the nasty blight and make your own utopia in the sky!
Zoo World 2

Zoo World 2

8,1 मुल्यांकन Become the best zookeeper in the world! Collect animals, breed endangered species, buy kiosks and recruit your friends as zookeepers as you attempt to build the world's greatest zoo!

Thousands of animals - Collect never before seen rare and ultra rare species!

Breed endangered animals - Help save endangered species by helping them breed!