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5 Cute Pet Games to Play!

Értékeld ezt a cikket If you’re on the hunt for some incredibly cute and lively pet games to play then look no further as we’ve come up with a list of five exceptional games that won’t let you down. Kisállatok völgye - 5 Cute Pet Games to Play!

1: Kitten Match

Kitten Match is a straightforward and highly addicting memory based game in which you’ll have to memorize where the artwork of each individual pet is before the cards are flipped over. Once the cards are flipped, you’ll have to match together the identical artworks solely from your memory and doing so is extremely fun to do. The visuals of the game are absolutely top notch as well so Kitten Match is a game that should definitely be worth your while.

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2: Bunny Quest

Bunny Quest is an absolutely top tier puzzle game in which you’ll have to help the bunny get to the carrot in each level and, in order to do so, you’ll have to move around tiles until a clear path has been made for bunny to follow to the carrot. This is a game that starts off pretty easy but quickly becomes more challenging and engrossing as you progress through it and, alongside all this, it also comes with some absolutely delightful and cute visuals.

Play here:

3: Monster Pet

Monster Pet is a simulation game in which you’ll have a baby monster pet of your very own that you will have to care for in pretty much every way you’d take care of your normal pet. You’ll have to keep your pet clean, well fed and in a good mood at all times and, alongside all this, Monster Pet also comes with an array of expertly designed mini-games that are a treat to play and give players a nice change of pace from the usual gameplay when things start to become repetitive.

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4: Cute Puppy Care

Cute Puppy Care is another simulation game and, much like the aforementioned Monster Pet, it’s highly addicting experience that doesn’t cease to impress at all. Every single time you play this game, you’ll have a cute and lovely pet to play with and one of the best things about it is the fact that it gives players a vast variety of ways through which they can interact with their puppy and, alongside this, the game looks absolutely stunning as well.

Play here:

5: My Pet Clinic

My Pet Clinic is an absolutely superb game in which you’ll get to care for a variety of cute little pets as they come to your clinic from time to time to get the regular maintenance and check-ups they need. In this game, you’ll get to care for animals in a variety of ways and doing so is an extremely fun and satisfying thing.

Play now:

All things considered, all the aforementioned pet games offer cute visuals and are a treat to play and you should definitely try them out if you get the chance to do so.

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