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Játék kedvelések Howrse

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Kezdőlap Játékok Howrse
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Böngésző Lovas 2D
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Howrse allows you to raise and breed beautiful horses and ponies online.

Discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center.

Work, earn money and groom many different types of horses and ponies.

Howrse is a beautifully made game that will bring you into the world of managing equestrian estates. As you register to play this free game, you get to choose the name of your horse, as well as its breed, colour and gender. Once you have completed the registration there are a series of quests offered to you. These quests will show you how to look after your new horse, and give you hints, tips and great rewards.

As your horse grows up you can do more and more things, from training in particular areas of competition, such as galloping and dressage, and you will be able to stable your horse at a particular Equestrian Center which will give you certain free items and bonuses.

As you progress through the quests you will be given several special items, all of which can be used to give a bonus to your horses, form learning skills faster to fully recovering their energy, health and morale. You will also receive some free items that allow your horse to enter into competitions, which can reward items and the in game currency Equus.

Equus can be spent on a huge variety of items, from food to tack and saddles for your horse. This currency is also what you will use to buy new horses, or to use other players horses for breeding with your own. Breeding your own horses is one of the best ways to increase your own stable. After a while playing you are also allowed to open your own equestrian centre and start receiving an income from it.

If you are not able to log in you can also earn Equus by giving yourself a job. There is a job market board where you can apply for work, on the days that you play the game, and look after your horses you will not work. On the days that you don’t you will earn a fixed amount of Equus. These jobs last a particular amount of time, and once it runs out you will need to find a new one.

All of the special items in the game, and some of the necessary training and feeding jobs can be completed by using what are known as ‘passes’ You receive many of the items for free when you complete quests, and when you use them up you will need to repurchase them for passes. Passes are only available for real money, you can purchase them through the game directly.

Howrse also has a huge community, with forums available on every aspect of the game, and many of the breeding horses you will want are owned by other players, and you can put your own horse out to stud as well. Not only can you raise your horse, but you can also design the backgrounds, known as layouts. Many of these layouts are created by other players, and put up for free for you to use.

Howrse has a really beautiful layout, and the quests are easy to follow, with tips available if you get a little stuck. By the end of the quests you should have your own mature horse, and a young foal to tend as well. Managing your horse can get a little complicated, as you have 3 statistics that you need to maintain, but there are tips and items that will assist you, as well as the forum community.

The graphics of the horses themselves are amazing, really high quality pictures and images that stand out. With the ability to choose your own layout, or easily use the ones provided by other players you can really personalise your stable or equestrian centre. With a really smooth game window and really good artwork Howrse is a beautiful and detailed game to play. Howrse Összegzés